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Driven by consideration, discretion, and a desire to empower professional athletes, musicians, and artists, the KW Sports + Entertainment (KWSE) is your opportunity to acquire, refine, and expand this unique skill set, providing valuable resources to help you grow your network while developing your personal brand.

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Welcome to KW Sports + Entertainment

We invite agents who aspire to build a business and create authentic relationships with the upper echelon of real estate clientele, to connect with our unique community of Sports + Entertainment experts. With access to top training, networking opportunities, and exclusive resources that no other industry can provide.

Niche clients of professional athletes, musicians, and artists to network with
Top tier training conducted by agents with 500+ clients

Open the Door to Real Estate’s
Most Exclusive Market

Professional athletes, musicians, and artists represent an upper echelon of real estate clientele. Breaking into this exclusive sector – and using it as your competitive differentiator – calls for something a bit more.

KWSE is your opportunity to acquire, refine, and expand this unique skill set, providing valuable resources to help you grow your network while developing your personal brand.

Our commitment to collaboration brings agents together, generating referral opportunities that evolve into authentic relationships with high-profile clients.

KWSE Benefits

With world-class training, unparalleled networking opportunities, and resources that will transform you into the industry’s foremost sports and entertainment expert, the benefits of joining are infinite.

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Please complete the form. Your application will be reviewed, and you will receive an email with next steps. The program fee is $199/month. For questions about the KW Sports + Entertainment membership, contact us today at!

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KWSE Leadership

Jordan Stuart

Jordan Stuart


As director of KW Sports + Entertainment, Jordan Stuart is responsible for driving the growth and brand-wide training and coaching for the new community. Currently, Stuart also serves as a real estate advisor to dozens of professional and collegiate athletes, head and assistant coaches, and sports franchise owners.

A Washington, D.C.-based licensed agent, Stuart graduated from Haverford College where he played varsity Men’s Soccer. Stuart mentors Division 1 college athletes across the U.S.

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Jason Ross

Jason Ross

Deputy Director

As a Segment Leader of Keller Williams Sports + Entertainment (KWSE), Jason Ross is focused on business development, operations, and member engagement.

With over 20 years of marketing and consulting experience in the sports and entertainment industries, Ross served in a variety of capacities prior to entering the real estate sector. He brings a wealth of knowledge and a dynamic network of resources ranging from professional athletes, coaches, and business managers to agents, artists, entertainers, and producers to the KWSE Community.

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Frequently Asked

How many KWSE agents will there be in my market?

Each agent accepted into KWSE is considered a trusted expert in his/her market to be a referral partner for both the leadership team and your peers. Part of the lead generation will require agents to work together within the same market due to volume of clients or expectations from the source to provide multiple agents to interview. Think of KWSE as a global brand – the more visibility we can bring to each market, the more opportunities are.

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