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It's a proven fact: Investing in wellness yields major returns. Through education, training, and events, KW Wellness offers you opportunities to invest in meaningful experiences and build powerful practices that lead to greater health and well-being, and result in a shared Return on Wellness (ROW).

Wellness is a universal term that has a personal meaning. An umbrella community, KW Wellness supports other communities that have a shared mission and vision of supporting well-being.

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Welcome to KW Wellness

As a KW Wellness community member, you'll have access to learning series, retreats, social events, and a full suite of resources to support your mental, emotional, and physical health. As a market center leader, you’ll learn strategies for integrating wellness into your retention and recruiting efforts that provide a high Return on Investment in Wellness (ROIw) and support a thriving team.

76% of Americans say they frequently experience negative physical or mental symptoms like stress, fatigue, lack of focus, and chronic pain.

Maintaining healthy behaviors for as few as six weeks can result in dramatic improvements to health.

Turning Passion into Action

Studies show workplace wellness programs help employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors over time, leading to dramatic improvements to common health concerns. These same programs also improve engagement and productivity, resulting in a “WELLthness” win for everyone.

When you join KW Wellness, you’ll have access to programs and resources centered around seven primary pillars of wellness:

  • Physical: Nourish your body through exercise, nutrition, and sleep.
  • Mental: Engage your mind in learning, problem-solving, and creativity.
  • Emotional: Practice awareness and acceptance of your own and others’ feelings.
  • Spiritual: Search for insight, meaning, and a higher purpose.
  • Environmental: Foster positive interrelationships between planetary health and human actions.
  • Occupational: Pursue the opportunities you most enjoy and find satisfaction in your work.
  • Social: Create meaningful connections and build your community.

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Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries at or give us a call at 512-645-1337.

Agent and Leadership Benefits

Become a KW Wellness Member

Whether you’re an agent or a Market Center leader, we invite you to take part in creating a culture of wellness for yourself, your family, and your team. Join our community for free, then take the next step to invest in your well-being and access all the life-changing benefits of membership.

KW Wellness

  • 1 monthly learning event

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KW Wellness Plus

All benefits of KW Wellness, plus

  • Monthly learning events
  • Monthly masterminds
  • Wellness platform
  • Community events (additional fees may apply)
  • Community retreats (additional fees may apply)

KW Wellness Plus Cost

$19 / month, each individual member

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KW Wellness Leadership

All benefits of KW Wellness and Wellness Plus, and

  • Monthly learning events
  • Monthly masterminds
  • Wellness platform
  • Leadership events (additional fees may apply)
  • Leadership retreats (additional fees may apply)

KW Wellness Leadership Cost

$99 / month, each individual member

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KW Clarity

As a sub-community of KW Wellness, KW Clarity extends the mission of personal wellness to support the needs of the sober/clean real estate community.

Being sober/clean comes with a unique set of challenges, especially when you work in a substance-heavy industry. KW Clarity is a free community that offers you a space to feel comfortable and share your struggles, learn to cope with challenges, network, and take part in masterminds with other sober/clean agents – all while growing yourself and your business.

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Kimberly Guiry

Kimberly Guiry

KW Wellness Community Leader

Kimberly Guiry is committed to helping entrepreneurs feel good about their business and even better about their lives. Kimberly empowers others to tap into their passion and purpose by focusing on mindset, motivation, and behaviors. In her 25-year career, her client list has included commercial and residential real estate developers, Series A and B tech startups, A-List celebrities, nonprofits, small- to medium-size businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. Kimberly is a certified WELCOA Workplace Wellness Coach and an NLP Master Certified Practitioner. She has studied and trained in nutrition at Cornell University, Precision Nutrition, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Her fitness training and certification includes yoga, indoor cycling, and breath work.

Shelly Seidemann

Shelly Seidemann

KW Clarity Community Leader

Shelly Seidemann joined Keller Williams as a DOO in 2017. After quickly mastering her first role, Shelly felt it was time to transition to the next level: real estate production. However, she quickly learned she didn’t have the tools she needed to cope with the challenges of being an agent, and she realized it was time to get sober. Early into her sobriety journey, Shelly attended KW Family Reunion sober for the first time. That’s when she discovered there was a need for a community to support people like her – those in recovery or dealing with addiction or substance use, and their families and loved ones. In KW Clarity, Shelly set out to create the company’s first recovery-centered real estate community, providing agents with a place to turn for support in having a sober life and career in real estate.

Frequently Asked

What’s the difference between wellness and well-being?

Wellness is a state of being. Well-being is a state of mind.

What’s the purpose of the KW Wellness community?

Our purpose is to create a Return on Wellness (ROW) for associates and a Return on Investment in Wellness (ROIw) for market centers by focusing on the intersection of wellness and well-being. Our offerings are built on seven important pillars of wellness: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, and social.

What is the KW Wellness community mission?

Our mission is to create a culture of wellness through education, training, and events.

How much does it cost for an associate to join KW Wellness Plus? How much does it cost for a market center to join KW Wellness?

The current associate membership fee for KW Wellness Plus is $59 per month. The current market center membership fee is $199 per month. Community members receive discounts on events, retreats, workshops, and trainings.

How can I get in touch with KW Wellness?

To reach the KW Wellness team, email

How can I find KW Wellness on social media?

To find us on Instagram and Facebook, search @kwwellnesscommunity.

I’m not personally sober, but my partner is battling an addiction. Can I join KW Clarity?

Absolutely! KW Clarity is for anyone who is either going through the recovery process themselves or who has a loved one in recovery.

If I’m considering getting sober, can I join KW Clarity?

Absolutely! This group is made up of many different people at different stages of recovery, so we encourage you to join to see what it’s like on the other side of recovery.

Is there a membership fee for KW Clarity?

There is no fee to join KW Clarity. KW Clarity is a no-cost, not-for-profit community.

I’m sober, but I choose to remain anonymous. Can I join KW Clarity while still protecting my anonymity?

Yes. KW Clarity is a confidential community. One of our core values is “Respect anyone’s right to anonymity.” We understand that some people choose to remain anonymous in their recovery and we take that very seriously.

Do I need to be in a recovery program (e.g., AA) to join KW Clarity?

Definitely not! While a handful of our members are in recovery programs, everyone has their own unique path to recovery. We are not affiliated with any recovery program, nor are we authorized to act as such.

If I know someone who is struggling with an addiction, how can I help?

While we are not authorized to offer treatment or care like a rehab facility or AA/NA/Al Anon program, we can certainly connect you with qualified resources or treatment options that can help. If you think someone is struggling, contact our national leadership team at

How can I find KW Clarity on social media?

To find us on Facebook, visit

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