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Learn how to recruit the best team members, foster the next generation of leaders, and build your empire by joining KW Talent. Our mission is to transform you from a successful real estate professional to an unstoppable, world-class business owner by leveraging proven KW tools and systems like the KPA and CV process.


The Power is in Your People

When the MREA was written, it gave you a road map to become a millionaire by selling real estate and building leverage around you. With KW Talent we want to give you the tools to go from being an agent, to a leader, to the owner of the largest real estate business in your area.

We’ve studied the struggles of our teams as they get larger, and we’ve done focus groups with mega agents, team owners, team directors, office leadership, coaches, and more. What we’ve found is a need for training focused on building leadership within our businesses. KW Talent isn’t about selling property, it's about inspiring people.

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Success comes from within, which is why KW Talent is committed to helping entrepreneurs find the right people to catapult their businesses into another stratosphere. Keller Williams is proud to feature an all-encompassing membership that puts you on the path to realizing your limitless potential through the following benefits:

  • Exclusive discounts for in-person workshops designed for members and their core leadership teams
  • Exclusive video library containing tutorials, testimonials, and other important content
  • Monthly recorded virtual masterminds and topic-driven sessions to keep members focused
  • Access to a members-only Facebook group, KW event discounts, and so much more

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Learn how to recruit the best team members, foster the next generation of leaders, and build your empire by joining KW Talent.

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KW Talent

  • $199 / Month
  • Exclusive discounts for in-person workshops designed for members and their core leadership teams
  • All-inclusive access to extensive trainings, videos, materials, and more

Upcoming Training

If you’re interested in joining KW Talent, register for an upcoming workshop taking place at KWRI headquarters. In addition to finding out more about the community, you’ll learn:

  • How to structure your org chart for success
  • Why people struggle in their roles
  • How to build your bench from the very first day
  • How to go deeper with team member KPAs
  • How to assess your strengths and weaknesses
  • And more keys to inspiring leadership
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Liz Landry

Liz Landry

KW Talent Leader

Liz joined Keller Williams as a brand new agent in 2006 and leveraged her retail management background to quickly grow a high-producing sales team. In 2010, Liz moved into MAPS Coaching and has spent more than a decade working with teams inside KW to grow their business to new levels. Liz has a passion for helping others succeed, which inspired her to launch KW Talent in 2022. Her objective with KW Talent is simple: to help business owners be the best leaders possible, and for them to have the best people possible in their organizations.

Frequently Asked 

Are KW Talent Workshops right for me?

Currently, our KW Talent workshop series is built for teams with director level positions in them, as well as all market centers. We find that teams typically hit this level around $1M in GCI and up. If your team already has at least one key role in a core leadership/director position, we encourage you to attend. The KW Talent team will be releasing additional workshops designed for smaller teams in the near future.

If KW Talent workshops aren’t about selling real estate, what are they about?

KW Talent workshops are all about leading and developing the people in your organization. This spans anywhere from how we communicate as a leadership team, to what the paths of opportunity look like in our business, as well as infrastructure to properly implement compensation plans for the long term and more

How often are the workshops held?

There are 3 different workshops in the series currently. WS 1 is held twice a year, and WS 2 and 3 are held once a year.

What type of content will be available in the video library?

Examples of content available in the video library are listed below:

  • Hiring Process by Role
  • Resume Verification
  • KPA Verification
  • Comprehensive Interview
  • Life Story
  • Motivational Interview
  • Group Interview
  • Defense Panel
  • KPA Marker Descriptions
  • This is Talent – Top Performer and KW Executives Interviews

Should I bring my team members?

YES! KW Talent workshops were designed to be done hand in hand with your core leadership team. We highly recommend that you bring all of your core leadership team with you to these events.

Why is there a two-seat minimum for a primary ticket?

KW Talent workshops are designed to be participated in with your core leadership team. While we understand that you may not be able to bring everyone, we do require that at least one member of the leadership team be on this journey with you.

I think I have someone in my leadership team who may be in the wrong seat on the bus, should I still bring them?

Yes. We do encourage you to still bring them. These workshops will help you both determine what the gap is, and what needs to be done to fix it and get you both set on the right track. If you have a specific concern you’d like to discuss please email and we’ll set up a call time.

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