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As an exclusive community dedicated to helping you build and execute a personal wealth plan to $50 million or beyond by leveraging your current real estate business, KW Wealth is here to help you grow your business, create passive income, and build a better future for you and build a life by design.

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Where Wealth Meets Opportunity

No matter where you’re at on your journey to build wealth, our goal is to provide you with the playbook for achieving your dreams; build an investment business and establish capital, all while utilizing our exclusive tools and training resources that are custom to you.

By leveraging your current career, we’ll help you capitalize on your knowledge of real estate to help you build the future of your dreams. You spend so much time focusing on your client’s desires – it’s time to focus on yours.

Your Path to Building Wealth Starts Here

Our superior array of workshops, community training and support, and exclusive private access discounts are here to help you launch your wealth building journey. Explore the membership option that’s right for you.

If you’re a KW MAPS coach, contact us for your discounted membership!

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Mastermind Membership

Start creating long-term wealth with access to additional mastermind events each year. KW Wealth Community benefits are included:

  • Economic outlook and individual impact
  • Optimize additional lanes of revenue from existing business
  • Reduce personal and professional risk and liabilities
  • Increasing business efficiencies and profitability through effective rituals

In addition to the KW Community benefits, as a member of the KW Wealth Mastermind, you will join this intimate group by participating in three 2-day meetings each year.

  • January 24-25, 2024 (Austin, TX)
  • May 9-10, 2024 (Scottsdale, AZ)
  • September 26-27, 2024 (Phoenix, AZ)

(dates are subject to change)

Unlike other Masterminds you may have experienced, the sole focus of this hyper-focused group is to create long-term wealth utilizing our unfair advantage of being in the real estate industry.

Mastermind Membership Costs

$1000 / Month, each individual member

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Community Membership

Launch your wealth building journey today with training available across a multitude of verticals.

  • Weekly live trainings to learn and execute the 7 pillars of wealth.
  • Full access to the KW Wealth training library.
  • Private access to KW Wealth Workshops at discounted member only price.
  • Strategic support as you implement your wealth plan through the private Facebook Group.
  • Personalized investment deal analysis as you launch and execute your wealth plan.

Community Membership Costs

$199 / Month, each individual member

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Get access to additional workshops, including six live events per year – 1 day each, covering topics, including:

  • Grow investment cash flow through existing and new opportunities.
  • Explore tax mitigation, self-management techniques, and optimize additional lanes of revenue.
  • Plot the roadmap to your wealth plan and build your strategic net worth wealth plan to $50MM
  • Establish metrics to measure, evaluate progress, and create monthly rituals to build massive wealth
  • Establish your capital stack and investment DNA to underwrite and fund your wealth plan.
  • Build and scale your investment business alongside your real estate agent business.
  • BONUS: implement 15 proven strategies to reduce the #1 expense in your business: taxes

Workshop Ticket Cost

$997 / Ticket

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Brett Tanner

Brett Tanner

KW Wealth Community Leader

Led by top-selling real estate agent, Brett Tanner, our team of community leaders are dedicated to helping you achieve your unique wealth goals.

With a team voted #9 in the country by the Wall Street Journal, Brett Tanner uses a combination of marketing methodology and a results-driven approach to not only achieve his own success, but mentor other entrepreneurs on creating a consistent, seamless wealth building journey for themselves.

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