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Operations professionals are uniquely positioned to facilitate collaboration, develop solutions, and drive growth. KW Operations supports you in stepping into your strengths and owning your value at the center of your team.

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Welcome to KW Operations

As an operations professional, your team relies on your contributions, but it's not always easy to recognize your value and spot opportunities to expand your impact. KW Operations community members have access to learning series, tailored training, interactive office hours, and a vibrant network of professionals to drive business results and your career forward.

Your Role Is Mission-Critical

Knowing the impact your role plays in the big picture can help you envision how to use your skills and your voice to lead from within. Helping to deliver scaled growth starts with learning the core competencies and principles for your position, understanding your value, and identifying opportunities to advocate for what’s best for business.

As a member of KW Operations, you’ll learn how to:

  • Drive profit through reviews and referrals.
  • Scale operations.
  • Quantify operations through accountability.
  • Transform customer service into an extraordinary client experience.
  • Create additional income while serving your team and clients.
  • Own your value and identify opportunities for growth.

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KW Operations is a diverse community of operations and administrative professionals, including directors of operations, client care coordinators, executive assistants, agents, MCAs, and others. Join us!

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Nicole Zuber

Nicole Zuber

MAPS Operations Executive Coach

Nicole Zuber has built her career on influencing, inspiring, and motivating others to pursue their dreams and discover their potential. Since 2003, Nicole has produced over $8 billion in sales through real estate and coaching partnerships. As a business owner, Nicole has worked in multiple roles, from director of operations to listing agent to CEO. She firmly believes in the value this firsthand experience brings to building authentic and lasting business relationships. An avid traveler, football fan, and yoga practitioner, Nicole lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and business partner, Craig, and their children Zac and Aspen.