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Join a uniquely empathetic community that understands the struggles associated with growing your business while being substance-free in the fast-paced, sociable world of real estate.

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Where Recovery and Prosperity Unite

Being sober and clean comes with a unique set of challenges, especially in the substance-heavy industry of real estate. KW Clarity is a caring community that understands it might take a little extra support and inspiration to achieve your limitless potential. KW Clarity aims to provide a safe space for agents and associates to network and mastermind around the struggles associated with growing their businesses and careers in a world that tends to favor drinking and substance use. We want everyone to feel comfortable sharing their unique challenges and coping strategies so together, everyone achieves more.

Seek KW Clarity

If you or a loved one are already in recovery, you know just how much community matters to sobriety. In addition to a sense of belonging and understanding, KW Clarity offers the following benefits:

  • Monthly national support calls 
  • Monthly inspirational speakers
  • Biannual sober networking/socializing opportunities at Family Reunion and Mega Agent Camp 
  • National recovery resource database
  • Educational presentations and materials
  • Like-minded community of agents in recovery 
  • Local meetings
  • Local support leadership 

This community is free of charge and is open to agents in need of recovery, agents in recovery, and agents with loved ones in recovery. Click below to sign up by joining the private Facebook group.

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Shelly Seidemann

Shelly Seidemann

KW Clarity Leader

Shelly joined Keller Williams as a DOO back in 2017 before transitioning to real estate production shortly after. After discovering she didn’t have the tools needed to cope with the challenges of being an agent without alcohol, Shelly began seeing a therapist who helped her embark on her journey to sobriety. Early on in the process, Shelly attended Family Reunion sober for the first time and discovered a massive need. A need for a community at KW for people like her: people who are in recovery, people who are battling addiction, and people with loved ones with addictions/in recovery. This inspired her to create KW Clarity, Keller Williams’ first recovery-centered real estate community, so agents and associates along this journey have somewhere to turn to when a sober life in a real estate career becomes too much to handle.


I’m not personally in recovery, but my spouse is battling an addiction. Can I join this community?

Absolutely! This community is for anyone who is either going through the recovery process themselves or has a loved one who is going through it.

If I’m considering getting sober, can I join this group?

Of course! This group is made up of many different people at different stages of recovery, so we encourage you to join to see what it’s like on the other side of recovery.

Is there a membership fee?

No fee. KW Clarity is a no-cost, not-for-profit community.

I am sober, but I choose to remain anonymous. Can I join while still protecting my anonymity?

Yes. KW Clarity is a confidential community. One of our core values is “Respect anyone’s right to anonymity” because we understand that some people choose to remain anonymous in their recovery, and we take that very seriously.

Do I need to be in a recovery program (e.g., AA) to join?

Definitely not! While a handful of our members are in recovery programs, everyone has their own unique path to recovery. We are not affiliated with any recovery program, nor are we authorized to act as such.

If I know of someone who is struggling with an addiction, how can I help?

While we are not authorized to offer treatment or care like a rehab facility or AA/NA/Al Anon program, we can certainly connect you with qualified resources/treatment options to help that individual. If you think someone is struggling, contact our national board of directors at

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