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Equipped with proven training, exclusive resources, and infinite opportunity for members to grow and succeed, KW New Homes is a community of professionals embracing the expanding market of new home sales.

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Welcome to KW New Homes

We – along with our esteemed partners at Legacy International, a pillar of the new homes industry – invite you to immerse yourself in the opportunity new home sales presents.

⅓ of houses for sale are new construction

4,381 new home builds projected per day through 2022

Why The New Homes Market?

With demand for the new home listings at an all-time high, this branch of real estate can provide you with an abundance of opportunities:

  • Specialize in new home sales as a local market leader.
  • Excel at capturing leads that have been untapped in the new homes market.
  • Achieve career success by utilizing custom resources and expert training from KW New Homes.

Historically, low resale inventory presents the opportunity to immerse your portfolio in an abundance of profitable new home sales while adding clients who prefer all things “new” to your database.

Agent Benefits

*offered to BDRE live-virtual course graduates or BDRC members only in qualifying states
**additional fee

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Learn how to be a specialist for new homes within your local market. Gain access to the knowledge and resources you need to provide a successful buying experience with your clients.

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Frequently Asked

Have questions? Feel free to contact our customer service team.

Email to get your questions answered.

How is the class administered?

The course is delivered either on-demand or live/virtual through Zoom.

I just registered. When will I receive my log-in credentials?

Your login credentials will be sent within 48 hours to the email you used for registration.

I paid by credit card, but I have not received my login credentials.

Did you receive the registration acknowledgment immediately after you registered? Rest easy, you will receive your login within 48 hours of registration. If this does not happen, however, please email

What if I cannot attend one of the live Zoom sessions?

Attendance in all three sessions is expected. If you must reschedule a session, please contact our support staff at to explore options. If space permits, you may register for a similar session within one year by paying a change fee of $50.

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We are truly a community that supports one another.

Whether you want to explore the extensive resources a full membership provides or are simply interested in networking with like-minded professionals, joining the KW New Homes Facebook group is the best place to start. The online forum is the fastest way to make initial valuable connections and to learn from the latest news in this growing market. You can leverage the power of these relationships and this knowledge hub within every aspect of your career.

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